How do you download custom content the Sims?


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If you should be producing some content then you may might like to do this to enable you to simply unzip the .package file and drop it into the mods folder while not having to unzip every person file each and every time. Once you've the title of this game on your device, you'll follow these steps to make it to the in-game menu to download customized content: open your game. Tap the title of this game, and find the game choice to open up the game's menu.

Then, scroll right down to the 2nd menu regarding left, and choose Game Settings. Get the option to go right to the in-game menu. Tap the name of one's game, and choose the option to start up the in-game menu. My question is, how do I put customized content into my game? Do i have to make a custom .package file? If so, just what do I need to do to get this to? Can there be a way to simply import my customized content into the game? Does this benefit the Sims 4 Home and Garden Expansion?

Thanks for just about any assistance! There are many ways to do this. You will need to utilize an application called "Mod Loader", it is possible to install it at To use it you have to be in location where your game files are (usually Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4) and you will need to extract the zip file for the reason that location. Within the zip file is a folder called "mods" that contains folders with your customized content. For example, for those who have your custom clothes in a folder called "Clothes" you'll be able to get the clothing inside "mods" folder, after which dual click the clothing folder to import it into the game.

The .package file can make sure that all the files get placed in the appropriate folder, and will also add the .package extension towards the file so you don't need to rename it if you want to remove the . Just how to Download Personalized Content. If you should be utilizing your unit to relax and play a game, like a PlayStation or Xbox, you can find all of the latest content for the games by downloading from a game's designer, EA/Maxis, or the console company that made your unit.

If you should be playing the game on an emulator like Virtual Console, it is possible to either install custom content the game your self by searching for it in in-game menu, or you can use an authorized app to install customized content. Let's take a look at how exactly to do both these choices! You will will have a folder named "Personalized Content Manager" within downloads folder. In the event that you appropriate click on that folder a box comes up and you can choose "Extract".

You'll will have a folder known as "My Worlds". The next thing to accomplish is to right go through the "My Worlds" folder and then click on "Extract". You may are in possession of a folder named "My Worlds" within downloads folder. All of the customized content are inside in a folder named: "Content". It's simple to open the folder and begin downloading your custom content. Be cautious what you download. Be sure you start it first!

Which all there was to downloading customized content.

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