Fahad Mohamad

Content marketer & writer

  • Egypt, Africa
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I am a creative freelance copywriter who enjoys new challenges and to see a project brought to life through content marketing! I have the ability to create offline and digital content for a variety of clients and campaigns.

But why choose me?

I have a keen eye for detail and accuracy, ensuring clients receive only the highest quality of work and within an agreed time scale set between myself and you.

-I Understand the importance of brand awareness and company guidelines, following the style and tone of voice of the clients whether this be formal or informal
-I am able to identify a clients/customers needs based on the information provided
-I thrive in a busy environment, meeting deadlines and going beyond whilst priding myself on my professionalism and approachability
-I am an empathetic person who can support you with your website content, newsletters, articles, press releases, product descriptions and advertising.

I’m here to help you. Please feel free to drop me a message with your ideas and let's get started!

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