Mazen Mo

Google Ads (AdWords) PPC Specialist

  • Egypt, Africa
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Google Ads (AdWords) PPC Specialist with 6 years' media agency experience. Set up & optimised over 200 PPC campaigns. Successfully managed PPC campaigns of up to 50,000 keywords, for clients like AXA, Ford, TalkTalk, Virgin Money, First Direct, etc.

Why buy PPC services from me?

Because I'm a tried and tested "Specialist" in PPC advertising, with a successful career background in this area (see below). This means I have the right skill set, expertise and professionalism to deliver smart, efficient and successful PPC campaigns. I'm not an SEO geek who also does some PPC work. Which is why, I don't sell services for SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, etc. I'm a dedicated "PPC Specialist". I have 5+ years' media-agency experience, mastering just that, "PPC", competitive SEM industry. I've set up, optimised, managed, reviewed and re-structured PPC campaigns containing up to 50,000 keywords, for clients like Ford, AXA, First Direct, TalkTalk and Virgin Money, spending millions of pounds of their advertising budgets for them on Google AdWords, Bing (MSN) and Yahoo!. So, if you need "expert help with AdWords PPC", I'm your man. If you need help with SEO (which is a different kind of animal) then you can find better.

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