Salwa Esam

Professional Audio-Video and Photo Editor

  • Egypt, Africa
  • Member since March 17, 2021
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My Services include:
1. Video Editing
2. Video conversion
3. Adding Subtitles
4. Intro/Outro
5. Voice Over
6. Water Mark
7. Zoom In/Out
8. Transitions
9. Blur
10. Resize
11. Colour correction
12. Background remove
13. Video Split and Join
14. Product Introduction Videos
15. Photo retouching/editing
16. Thumbnail and cover arts
17. Motion graphics and motion tracking
17. Animation and many more

1. Audio Enhancement
2. Podcast editing
3. Noise removal
4. Intro/Outro
5. Audio fade In and Out
6. Volume Up and Down
7. Audio Split and Join
8. Mixing any types of music and tracks
9. Background music
10. Sound clearing
11. Resize, formatting and many more.

1. Editing
2. Retouching
3. Background Removal
4. Background change to Transparent
5. Background change to white
6. Image retouching (Spot, Dust, Blemish, Scratch, etc.)
7. Object removal
8. Adding Text
9. Lighting and contrast adjustments
10. Color Correction
11. Image masking
12. product image re-sizing Image
13. Shadow making
14. Watermark remove
15. Clipping path
16. Photo Manipulation and many more

I can provide all type of support. So, If your requirement is not in the above service list. Please send me a message with detail. I will respond as soon as possible.

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