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Searching for Twitter Social Media Consultant to help grow our Twitter following We're looking for someone who can help me (the social media manager ) learn the ins and outs of Twitter to accelerate our growth not only on the company Twitter page but also on the two CEO pages. I'm looking more for advice and a so
Job details: We're looking for a social media marketing expert to manage our Facebook and Instagram ads. The store has a lot of organic traffic, but we need an ad campaign for IG and FB - Deliverables include building lookalike audiences, pixel setup and optimization, Retargeting, etc - Experience with social m
I am looking for a social media team to help me grow my followers across my platforms . Facebook, You tube, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. The role will be. ONE: Increase my followers from my targeted countries TWO: Set up Facebook messenger for each social media, so there is a automatic response. THREE:
We're looking for an agency/freelancer to help us get a better understanding of marketing on: 1. Twitter 2. Snapchat 3. Pinterest 4. TikTok 5. YouTube 6. Linked In Just to be clear, we do not need any help with FB or Insta. We have these covered. With the above 5 platforms we need to have the following 12
THIS IS A MONTHLY PROJECT with minimum commitment. The rate is for the whole month with possibility to extend. We need someone to run our social media accounts. We need you to be up-to-date with the latest social media trends related to our target audience. You should be able to express our company’s views creativ
1.تصميم بوستات لوسائل التواصل الاجتماعي (انستغرام,لنكدان,فيسبوك.تويتر) 2.تصميم احترافي للاعلانات 3.تصميم نماذج بوستات احترافيه قابله للتعديل باستخدام البرامج المتطوره 4.لن يق
ابحث عن شخص لدية خبرة كبيرة بإدارة حسابات السوشيال ميديا (فيسبوك- تويتر) والرد على استفسارات العملاء وزيادة عدد المتابعين للحسابات التعاقد لمدة شهر من خلال الموقع ويتم التجدي
We are looking for a social media manager who knows how to respects time delivery and plans the workflow also, we need for a kind person who can understand the company needed and help us to increase real organic traffic, and grow audience engagement for our Social Media Accounts: Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn