Brand Style and supporting docs

Project Main Details

We need the tamplates for the new project.
Time is a focal point for us thus the task will be split into 2 parts.
Please give the separate terms per each.
The second part of work will be only after the successfully finish of the first one.

First part:

Work at colors and font for the company’s docs taking into account the telecom market segment analysis.
As a result:
A. Power point template with:
1. Title slide (2-3 variants of graphics)

2. Executive summary slide

3. Slides with different content:

– Text + photo
– text + scheme
– schedule, Gannt chart
– contacts / bio of key people
-text slide:

4. Divider slide

5. Final slide

B. Word template for business letter

Using hi-tech / it pics take into account that they need to be stylistically congruent with the whole doc

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