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I have made a 12 slide PowerPoint with all the content – I need someone to make it look better.

12-Jun-2020 20:30:26
2 days
30-May-2020 14:20:14
3 days
I can design u slides that match the content u wrote ... i know english and french .... i am expert at writing on word and powerpoint .. And i will change u anything u want ...
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Looking for an experienced social media manager to manage content for 6 different clients in the dental and senior-living space. Responsibilities include: -Generating content to post on Facebook -Creating and managing contest ideas on the platform -Responding to comments -Setting up new pages as needed Conten
Looking for the business card to be redesign, there is no logo this is why I can coming to you. Format needs to be in hi resolution PDF, JPEG, Tiff, and Vector file format. I'm looking for conservative and classy, please send me some samples of this type of work.
Need to create a visually striking flow. Content is ready