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($20 - $50)
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25th May 2020 7:13 PM
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I have made a 12 slide PowerPoint with all the content – I need someone to make it look better.

12-Jun-2020 20:30:26
2 days
30-May-2020 14:20:14
3 days
I can design u slides that match the content u wrote ... i know english and french .... i am expert at writing on word and powerpoint .. And i will change u anything u want ...
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I'm needing SEO both on site and for local listings. I will need a before and after snapshot on rankings and will need a detailed offer/proposal. Will also need a monthly report
اريد فيديو موشن غرافيك اعلاني متقن واحترافي لمتجر الكتروني لبيع منتجات. مدة 30 ثانية. متوفر التعليق الصوتي للسكريبت. توفير الفيديو باشهر الصيغ مع الملف المفتوح  
Design and customize my website. I need someone who is an expert in WordPress and make my web site more attractive.