Project Main Details

Looking for someone who designs modern logos, delivers within 48 hours, and considers all aspects of brand in designing.
Design is for an eye glasses company. Needs to integrate Sun and the Sea or Ocean in it.
Logo Name: Sun and Sea

1. Do you have a specific idea in mind for your logo?
Looking for a modern design that incites feelings of a sunny day and beach in the mind of customer
2. Do you want to use existing brand colors or a particular range of colors? Youre open to explore. Blue and Yellow might be a good starts but no restrictions

3. Are there any colors that you do not want to use? none

4. Do you have a particular font you would like to use — or ones you definitely do not want to use? Something easy on the eyes while fun, and legible

5. What words should describe your logo?
Beach, Sun, Beach feeling, Good day feeling
6. What message or emotion do you want your logo to portray? Sunny and good feeling day

7. Does your logo have a tagline? If yes, is your tagline to appear with your logo on all of your branding?

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