Facebook Campaign Manager

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budget Project Budget
($500 - $1,000)
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category Skills
Facebook Development
Facebook Marketing
Social Media Management
Social Media Marketing
calendar Posted on
25th August 2020 9:42 PM
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proposals Proposals

We are looking for a Facebook Campaigns Manager to handle setup and ad design to work alongside us with our clients

29-Aug-2020 12:00:50
5 days
I can cooperate with you in implementing the required and making wonderful modern marketing designs and promoting Facebook posts only provide me with additional information
28-Aug-2020 21:52:29
7 days
Hey there, we are a team of professionals providing Digital marketing services to our clients. We are much more specialized in Ad campaigns etc; If you re interested feel free to contact so that we can discuss more about our strategies
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We are a company that sells cosmetics and beauty products and represents certain brands on social networks. With the increase in the volume of work came the need to hire a designer who would create visuals for us for posts and advertising campaigns on social networks.
looking for social media design expert who can help me create professional posts for my social medial channel
I want you to make logo for my gaming channel.and searching for new talent