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Social Media Management
Social Media Marketing
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24th August 2020 11:51 PM
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We’re looking for an agency/freelancer to help us get a better understanding of marketing on:

1. Twitter
2. Snapchat
3. Pinterest
4. TikTok
5. YouTube
6. Linked In

Just to be clear, we do not need any help with FB or Insta. We have these covered.

With the above 5 platforms we need to have the following 12 deliverables met:

1. An understanding of how we can setup a Business Manager account. This should allow us to set up users, control multiple ad accounts and manage billing. A basic run-through for any business related interface would be perfect.

2. How to setup tracking for ads management on each platform.

3. How to potentially get in touch with each platform. We are ideally looking for a rep or some sort of support line for each platform.

4. Specific content creation requirements for each platform. Both from an advertising perspective and an organic perspective (if different). There may be different ad types that will effect dimensions, length of videos etc that our creative team will need to be aware of.

5. How we can easily access up-to-date information on platform changes for each platform.

6. Any specific insights, tips or tricks you have about each platform that could help us execute things more efficiently.

7. Any specific insights, tips or tricks you have about how to best market on these platforms.

8. Best practices for managing engagement – comments, messages etc

9. Scheduling tools for each platform for regularly posting out content.

10. Insight into performance reporting that would ideally work across all platforms (or individual if not possible).

11. Insights into best practices around follower growth strategies for each platform.

12. Specific processes/checklists/documentation you have around how to execute best practice campaigns on each platform. We need our team to be able to follow these working procedures.

We’re looking to fast-track our knowledge on each of the platforms and have everything professional set up so our in-house team can begin marketing on them. Any additional ideas will help you win the project.

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Looking for an experienced social media manager to manage content for 6 different clients in the dental and senior-living space. Responsibilities include: -Generating content to post on Facebook -Creating and managing contest ideas on the platform -Responding to comments -Setting up new pages as needed Conten
Looking for the business card to be redesign, there is no logo this is why I can coming to you. Format needs to be in hi resolution PDF, JPEG, Tiff, and Vector file format. I'm looking for conservative and classy, please send me some samples of this type of work.
Need to create a visually striking flow. Content is ready