Andro Bain
I am a real estate agent that is building a home sellers guide to my valued customers. I need someone to take my existing sellers guide and rewrite to make it more polished and in be better words. I have many projects like this that I will need in the future. I am hoping I can find a content writer that I would use lo
We are looking for another copywriter to work with our agency for multiple projects per week. Looking to form long term relationship.
Logo design for coffee shop. Simple black and white theme.
Develop a series of targeted adds driving traffic both to our website and web store. Develop a series of targeted adds driving individuals to register for our training courses Work will likely include using provide resources (video and pictures) to create marketing material This will be an ongoing project broken
I need my CV updating. It was last updated around 4 and a half years ago. I have been in my current post for 3 and a hlf years and am looking for promotion! i am currently trying to source my current CV having not used it for so long, It was last written by someone on people per hour, so would probably only need minor
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We are a digital agency company focused on website creation and e-commerce platforms and looking for a creative person who can give us a hand creating 20 pieces of content per month. The topics will be discussed with the potential designer.
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